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What are SUVs? The 4 main advantages of renting compact cars

You're preparing a trip and you've got everything ready: the destination has been chosen, the route laid out, and the desire to go out on the road is also there. You only need one thing: choosing the mean of transport to use. As always, Xtracars is here to help you, and we have a suggestion: what do you think about the possibility of renting compact cars or an SUV?

What is an SUV?

The acronym SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. They are usually larger vehicles, suitable for both city environments and off-road areas. They are, therefore, the perfect vehicle if you want to take a trip through different areas, with different types of roads or pavements! SUV vs Crossover: what is the difference between these vehicles?

While an SUV is an all-terrain vehicle, adapted for city driving, the crossover is a car specially designed for city driving, but with a design that approximates an off-road vehicle. As a rule, crossover cars are lighter and lower cars than SUVs. They are, therefore, the ideal car for those looking for the strength of an SUV combined with the versatility of a city dweller.

We can talk about compact cars in this case. And now that you know what an SUV is, let's tell you the benefits of renting this vehicle on your next trip!

4 reasons to rent an SUV

Space, space and more space!

When it comes to space, SUV cars are the leaders! Plenty of space in the luggage compartment and plenty of space for passengers is what you'll find in these vehicles. So don't worry if your friends have decided to bring 5 bags each: with an SUV rental, you'll always have space for everything!

Driving comfort: CHECK!

If you're going to drive for long distances, renting an SUV is the perfect solution so that hours behind the wheel don't weigh as much. With all the space you need and a higher driving position that gives you an inside view from every point of the car, driving an SUV is always a pleasure.

Modern and attractive design

SUVs have become a popular purchase option among drivers, making brands bet more and more on their development. Result? More models with modern designs, cutting-edge technology, and diversity to meet any type of preference. Motor power One of the most recognizable features in an SUV is the power of its engine. Climbing steeper roads? Or with unexpected obstacles? Nothing an SUV can't do!

Do you want to rent an SUV? Do it with Xtracars! Do you already know the advantages of an SUV? Then you are ready for your journey behind the wheel of an Xtraordinary rental! And where do you get that?

At Xtracars, of course! Discover our range of SUVs for rent, choose your favorite, and make your reservation, 100% online! With Xtracars, traveling is easy. And with an SUV rental, even more!

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