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Car rental in Évora

If you are looking for a car rental in Évora that suits your needs or your changes in plans, Xtracars has the right service for you! Rent a car in Évora, for the short or long term, and you can extend your rental time whenever you want. You can also deliver the car before the end of the contract date, which we have adapted to the defined values. Simple and flexible!

Family car or commercial van? Xtracars provides what you need

Discover a service for car rental in Évora that offers several models suitable for the needs of each person. We guarantee that you will always find the most suitable vehicle for your travels or trips!

Car rental in Évora: explore the city!


The city of Évora is in the heart of the Alentejo. Its historical heritage makes the city a mandatory stop for anyone visiting the Alentejo region. The city's landmark is, without a doubt, the temple of Diana, a monument built in the times of the Roman occupation and which remains intact in the city today.

The historic center of Évora is a reason for appreciation in itself. Its typical streets and whitewashed walls show the beauty of the Alentejo in all its splendor. The Chapel of Bones is another mandatory stop for its peculiar decoration, being covered by the bones of 5,000 monks.

You can also take advantage of your car rental in Évora to get to know the Alentejo coast, with beaches and landscapes until you lose sight, or even to cross the border and go to Spain. With Xtracars, you have all the conditions and freedom to explore to the fullest on your trip!

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