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Car Rental in Aveiro is simple and flexible

If you're looking for a car rental in Aveiro that suits you, Xtracars is the solution. Choose your vehicle on our website and start enjoying it now! Whether long-term, short-term rental, with or without driver... we have all the options available to you!

Car rental service better suited to your needs

No matter how many people you take with you to Aveiro, Xtracars is always ready to help you. From renting a commercial van to a two-seater sports car, just make your choice on our website and pick up the type of vehicle that best suits your trip.

Explore Aveiro with a car rental

Our car rental in Aveiro will allow you to make the most of your time in this coastal city. And as Aveiro is in a central area, you can also take advantage of the car rental to discover more cities in the vicinity!

In Aveiro, you can start by doing one of the most typical activities: the famous moliceiro tour on the city's canals. Take the opportunity to visit the Praça das Arcadas, the Fish Market, and the São Roque Canal. End the day watching the sunset in the salt flats of Aveiro and, of course, don't forget to try the typical ovos moles in a regional pastry.

You can also take advantage of the car rental in Aveiro to visit Costa Nova, a coastal town close to the city characterized by its colorful houses. Know all the conditions that Xtracars has for you!

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