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Ponta Delgada Airport
Opening Hours: Week days: 05:59 - 23:59 Weekends and Public Holidays: 05:59-23:59
Ponta Delgada Airport

Car rental Ponta Delgada Airport


Xtracars offers you the best solutions for car rental at Ponta Delgada Airport
Whether you need a short or long term rental or even a car with a driver, Xtracars offers you these services and more, through a 100% digital and flexible process.

Various models for each situation

Are you traveling alone, as a family, or in a group?
Whatever your situation, Xtracars makes the task of renting a car at Ponta Delgada airport much more simple.
Whether you are looking to rent a commercial van, a four-seater car, or even a sports car, we will help you!

Car rental at Ponta Delgada Airport

The city of Ponta Delgada is the gateway to the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, which hides landscapes and corners that you can only discover by car. Rent a car at Ponta Delgada Airport will give you the freedom to define your own travel itinerary on the island of São Miguel, from the most iconic spots to those that remain secret today. Start by visiting the city center, where you can enjoy the Portuguese sidewalk in darker colors, which contrast with the whitewashed walls. The Portas da Cidade, the Igreja Matriz, and the Palácio da Conceição are mandatory stops.

Your car rental in Ponta Delgada will allow you to visit the most beautiful natural landscapes of the island of São Miguel, far from the cities and in communion with nature. Visit Ponta da Ferraria and be amazed by the hot water, of volcanic origin.

Lagoa das Sete Cidade and Lagoa de Fogo are mandatory stops, with two of the most beautiful natural landscapes on the island, where the blue of the water contrasts with the green of the wild vegetation. 
If you are interested in witnessing the volcanic activity of the island, you must pass by Mosteiros beach, characterized by its black sand, Furnas, and Caldeira Velha, known for its active fumaroles.
Finally, to relax, visit the Dona Beija Well and bathe in naturally heated waters to some surprising 39ºC. Car rental at Ponta Delgada airport is the best solution for those who want to know and explore the island of São Miguel, leaving no place left to visit!

Other stations

Car rental in Portugal has never been so simple and flexible!
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