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Rent a minivan and start creating memories

It is on family trips that we create unforgettable traditions and memories in our lives. Xtracars aims to keep these stories alive through these same trips! By renting a 7-seater van and a 9-seater van, you can have the opportunity to socialize with your family and experience all those moments!

What is a minivan?

We call a minivan, or people carrier, a type of car that is like a van but is intended for private use, especially for large families. You can rent 9-seater vans to make big trips with a group of friends, or with your whole family!

Why rent a or 9-seater van?

In addition to the huge space capacity so they can take everyone, the space for their bags is guaranteed by these minivans. This means that whatever your travel destination, comfort and fun are guaranteed. Through Xtracars, the only thing you need to worry about is your travel plans! Furthermore, we take care of everything, and we guarantee that you have a 7-seater or 9-seater van suitable for your needs.

Discover the Xtracars Fleet


The Renault Espace has a distinctive exterior and state-of-the-art technology so you can enjoy all the innovations. Thanks to Renault MULTI-SENSE you can customize your trip according to your preferences! They can count on LED MATRIX VISION lighting, assistance systems for driving in transit and highway.


This minivan has a vertical front grille and C-shaped LED headlamps, emblematic of the Renault range. It has unparalleled comfort, designed for your needs! The Combi integrates several driving assistance systems, which facilitate parking maneuvers. It is equipped with Stop & Start technology, and its engine range meets the latest Euro 6 D-Full pollution control standards.

Rent a 9-seater van with Xtracars!

Are you ready for a dream ride on the Xtracars hitch? All you need to do is rent a minivan, a 9-seater for as long as you like, and you have access to the all-inclusive service. Whether it's a minivan or another car, you'll find at Xtracars the best worry-free, 100% digital, and flexible car rental solution!

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