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Rent a Car vs Monthly Car Rental: the main differences   

The freedom of movement and comfort of having a contract tailored to your needs is made possible thanks to several alternative offers to meet your mobility needs.   
Renting, rent-a-car, or monthly car rental are some of the solutions. Take a ride with Xtracars to know the main differences between a rent a car and a monthly car rental. 

Rent a Car: the advantages

Opting for this method of car hire guarantees you the convenience and safety you need for a journey. The rent-a-car company offers you all the assistance you may need. In addition to this:  
  • You get total freedom of mobility, allowing you to reach all the destinations you want; 
  • When you rent a car, you will not have to bear the maintenance costs of a car; 
  • Renting a car ensures that you do not have to pay tax;  
  • There are several car options available according to your needs; 
  • You can return the car when you no longer need it and deliver it to another station that is more comfortable for you (may have extra costs associated).  
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image Rent a Car: the advantages

Monthly car rental: the advantages

With a monthly car rental, such as the one you find at Xtracars, you have a solution that is highly adaptable to your reality, whether you are a company or an individual. It is a service focused on rentals of 1 to 12 months. In a monthly car rental, you only must pay a monthly amount for the use of the vehicle and all the services associated to it. Some of the advantages are:  
  • The rental company bears the vehicle management costs (insurance, IUC, etc);   
  • You can make reservations online;
  • You have immediate availability of vehicles;
  • You use the car for as long as you need it and you can return it when you no longer need it;   
  • You can change cars during your contract, with no associated costs.
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image Monthly car rental: the advantages

Rent-a-Car vs Monthly Car Rental  

Now that you know the main advantages of taking a rent a car or a monthly car rental, you can find out the main differences between the two. 

Immediate availability
Travel assistance
Maintenance and Repairs
Initial Entry
Possibility of purchase at the end of the contract
Account Manager
100% digital reservation
Choice of Brand and Model
Direct Debit
Rent a Car
Monthly Car Rental
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 Which is the best option for you: Rent a Car or Monthly Car Rental?  

At first glance they may seem quite similar, however the needs of those who choose one of the options are different. Follow the next points to find out which is the best option for you: rent a car or monthly car rental. 

Rent a Car vs. Monthly Car Rental: what are you looking for?

Who makes a rent a car usually needs to fill a need that arises for a very short period? Either for holidays, because your car is small, or due to a breakdown of your car and you need a solution while it is not available again.   
On the other hand, if you need a certain type of car for a longer period, the monthly car rental from Xtracars is then your best option. Imagine you have a project of up to 3 months and you need a commercial van to transport everything you need: you rent a car for that period.   
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image Rent a Car vs. Monthly Car Rental: what are you looking for?

At Xtracars I have the rent-a-car option?

No. At Xtracars you will only find the monthly rental modality.

I have rented a car: can I turn it into a monthly car rental, and vice-versa?

No, each one of the modalities has its own particularities. When you choose a rent-a-car or monthly car rental, you will have to follow that contract until the end, and then make a new one with the option you need.  

How does the early return work? 

Xtracars lets you return the car before the contract has ended, adjusting the value for the actual days of use according to the respective rate. 

Xtracars monthly rental: simple and practical  

From 1 to 12 months, you only pay for what you use, for as long as you need it. The longer you rent, the lower your monthly fee. 

Rent a car or monthly car rental?  

The time has come to make your choice. If you choose monthly car rental, you can always count on the Xtracars service, adapted to you and your needs.