I filled the vehicle with the wrong fuel. What should I do?

If the vehicle is found to be unduly fuelled, you must immediately stop the vehicle and call the Roadside Assistance service (by telephone: 214 405 046).
Failure to stop the vehicle could result in mechanical problems and additional costs.
Incorrect fuelling will result in the following additional costs:- 300€ + VAT for cleaning the fuel tank
- The cost of refuelling a full tank (this varies depending on the fuel and vehicle used)

The deadline for returning the car has passed, could I get into trouble with the authorities?

Yes, the documentation relating to the subscribed service must always be up to date. Once the return date has expired, we suggest you visit one of our stations or contact 210 100 200 to update it.

 I have a subscription with Xtracars, can I make changes over the phone?

At the moment, changes can only be made at our stations. Legally, changes are only valid if they are signed by both parties. For your convenience, the document can be updated at any of our stations, not just the one where the subscription contract was signed. Please note that our contracts include a grace period of 29 minutes. After this period, the additional charge will be based on the 24-hour national over-the-counter rate, which is usually higher than the original price subscribed.

Where can I make a reservation?

You can make reservations via website or call to the reservation centre.
You can contact us by phone: 210 100 200 or email: centralreservas@guerin.com.pt

Where can I book commercial vehicles?

You can reserve at any station except Lisbon Airport due to the height of the garage, and it´s subject to availability.

Do I benefit from subscribing online directly to Xtracars?

Yes, because you can find exclusive rates and promotions directly on our website.

What are promotional codes and how can I use them?

A promotional code is a seven-letter code referring to a special offer. When you enter this code at the end of the booking process you will have access to promotion to which it relates.

How can I register on the website of Xtracars? And how do I change my password?

You can make your registration and change of password in our website, in the Login area.

How will I know that my reservation is confirmed?

You should receive a confirmation email at the email address provided at the time of the booking. If you do not receive it, please contact our reservations Center (tel.: +351 210 100 210) or by e-mail to centralreservas@xtracars.pt

How does Xtracars protect my personal and credit card information online?

To find out information regarding our privacy policy please visit our website at https://www.xtracars.pt/en/privacy-policy-and-data-protection/

I booked online with a tour operator, can I cancel the reservation directly with XTRACARS?

Reservations can only be cancelled by the entity that receives its payment. Please take note that special cancellation policies can be applied and differ from a tour operator to another.

 I am looking at the price of a car in an external XTRACARS website (or broker), however I would rather deal directly with XTRACARS, can I make a reservation with you?

Yes, nevertheless the rate applied will not be the same as the one advertised on other websites. When booking directly with us our public rate will be considered.

I need to refuel my vehicle, what fuel should I use?

You should check the information on the fuel filler cap. If, exceptionally, the information is not there, you should contact us so that we can validate it in our system. Please note the type of fuel to be used.
Incorrect fuelling will result in additional costs:
300€ for cleaning the fuel tank.
- The cost of refuelling a full tank (this varies depending on the fuel and vehicle used).

Is it necessary to wash and refuel the car before returning it?

es, the car must be returned in the same condition as when it was delivered. All the necessary information can be found in the contract that you receive at the start of your subscription. Failure to comply with the conditions will result in additional costs.

All our vehicles are delivered to the Customer with a fully-fuelled fuel tank and must be delivered in the same condition. If it is not delivered in the same condition, we will provide a refuelling service, charging the price of the fuel (which is usually higher than the price at traditional petrol stations) and the respective filling fee in force. 

In the case of car washes, there may be an additional charge according to the following criteria:

- 1 - 31€ - Vehicles that are unusually dirty, such as:Leftover food, bottles, rubbish, papers, nappies, dog hair and sand on upholstery only.

- 2 - 62€ - Same damage as in point 1 + unusual dirt on the bodywork (such as mud).

- 3 - 92€ - Stains on the seats, dog hair and sand on more than one upholstery or boot.

How long it takes to have the third-party accident closed?

Usually, in files with an "Accident Mutual Statement” duly completed and signed by the parties involved, the process can be settled in about 30 working days. However, whenever insurance companies have any doubts the claim settlement can go beyond the usual period.

At the end of my subscription your colleagues cancelled the excess deposit on my credit card and even gave me the cancellation slip but my Bank still hasn't unlocked the amount. The information they give me is that no cancelation request was received.

According to the information we have from RedUnicre (the entity that manages credit card transactions in Portugal), cancellations made at the ATM terminal are made in real time to the issuing bank.  Proof of this is that the bank accepts the cancellation request and issues the cancellation slip as proof of the transaction.

International best practice dictates that Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners issuing banks have between 24 and 48 hours to reflect the cancellation request on the card statement/account.
Whenever there are exceptions to the above deadlines, the cardholder should contact Guerin at customerrelations@guerin.com.pt and request proof of cancellation and send it to their issuing bank.

 I did not subscribe Xtracars's Toll Service, can I do it in the middle of the contract?

Yes, however the acquisition of the service has no retroactive effect. Having this, we will only make the payment management of tolls used after activation of the service in the contract. To activate this service in the middle of the contract please visit the rental station closer to your location so payment can be made using your credit card and also the update of the rental agreement. The passages made prior to activation of the service must be paid directly by the user.

I’ve subscribed Toll Management Service (Via Verde). Will I have access to all services provided such as park lot or fuel supply payments?

Xtracars vehicles are equipped with a Via Verde device solely and exclusively for the Toll Service. In accordance with current legislation, the toll service is automatically activated in the contract. This service will only be activated if you pass through a SCUT and/or toll using the device. You will only be charged for the number of days you use it (€1.85/day plus the respective tolls and SCUTs, maximum 10 days - 1 day between 00:00 and 23:59 is considered).

How do I pay for tolls if I subscribe a car with Xtracars?

Xtracars vehicles are equipped with a Via Verde device solely and exclusively for the Toll Service. In accordance with current legislation, the toll service is automatically activated in the contract. This service will only be activated if you pass through a SCUT and/or toll using the device. You will only be charged for the number of days you use it (€1.85/day plus the respective tolls and SCUTs, maximum 10 days - 1 day between 00:00 and 23:59 is considered).

I already have a booking confirmed with Guerin however I don't have a credit card, can I use the credit card of a family member?

No, you can only use a credit card that is in your own name.

I do not have a credit card, can I use a debit card for the deposit?

For deposit and excess purposes XTRACARS only accepts credit cards (with 1 month minimum expiration date) on the name of the main driver or additional driver.

Can I return the car in a different rental office from the pick up?

Yes, however you may be charged an additional fee of € 40 or €150(one way national) depending on the origin and destination offices. This will apply in situations where the return destination is in a different area or location of the country. We suggest you ask on pick up or when you make the reservation if this additional cost applies to your rental

How can I make a complaint?

You can send an email to our Customer Service Department (customerrelations@guerin.com.pt) will be happy to answer any questions concerning your rental.

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

You can request a copy of the invoice to the email customerrelations@guerin.com.pt indicating the number of booking, voucher or contract.

 I have a problem in GPS/Wi-fi/ babyseat, what do I do?

You should call the location you picked up the vehicle or the driver’s helpline to request assistance with the situation and schedule a possible exchange. In the case of Wi-fi equipment, information and exchanges are handled only by airports locations.

Can I return the vehicle out of hours?

Yes, but this type of service is only available at the Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and Ponta Delgada airport stations. To do this, you must leave your documents in the glove compartment and your keys in the key boxes available in our car parks.

Can I pick up the vehicle outside rental office opening hours?

Yes, subject to prior confirmation, we offer an "out of hours" service from Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and Ponta Delgada airport stations. This service costs €44.60.

What is the minimum age to subscribe a vehicle with Xtracars?

The minimum age for driving a Xtracars vehicle is 21, except for vehicles in groups G, H, L and O where a minimum age of 25 is required. All drivers who have held their license for more than one year but are under the age of 21 may drive a Guerin vehicle, subject to payment of an additional supplement. The "Young Driver Fee" only applies to groups MI, C, E, E1, J, J1, SM,SC and F.

Is there a vehicles delivery/ collection service in places other than the XTRACARS locations?

Deliveries and pickup, inside or outside the city limits in cities where we are represented, can be arranged upon request at time of the booking but is always subject to prior confirmation. 

This service has a surcharge that changes according to the distance between the location and our nearest station as stated bellow:
- 0 – 15 kms – 24.60€
- 16 - 30 kms – 43.05€
- + 30 kms – 61.50€

This service has a grace period of 20 minutes, both at delivery and collection. After this grace period the car must be collected/ returned in one of our offices. In the case of collection after this grace period, an additional day at public rates will be charged. This service is not available on weekends.

What are excess amounts for your vehicles?

The minimum excess values for our vehicles vary according to the reserved car group but values range from 1.181€ to 3.690€.

How do I know what vehicle group to choose?

You can check our fleet on our website at www.guerin.pt/en/fleet/

How does my credit card will be used for the car subscription?

Your credit card will be used at the time of the vehicle pick up an authorization will be requested for the excess and the fuel deposit, and also at the end in case of additional charges.

If I decide to change/ cancel my booking, how can I ask for the refund?

You should inform us by telephone number +351 210 100 200 or by e-mail to centralreservas@guerin.com.pt. For information about reimbursement policies you should check the terms and conditions on our website.

How can I find the nearest rental location of Xtracars?

To get this information you can check our locations on our website, https://www.xtracars.pt/en/xtracars-stations/

I had an accident with the subscription car, what should I do?

You must complete the "Accident Mutual Statement” provided with the car documentation making sure everything is correct. It is important that all fields are properly filled out and declaration is signed by all parties involved in the accident, so we can claim to the insurance company.

Whenever there is disagreement between the parties, the proper authorities should be called to take occurrence of the accident. In both cases, the driver must give all relevant documentation in one of our subscription offices. In addition, an e-mail address must be provided so that communication of the claim conclusion can be made more easily and faster.

Can the car I've subscribed be driven by someone other than me? 

Usually in all reservations, only the contract holder can drive the car. However, if you want to include another driver, you can request the inclusion of an additional driver at the beginning of the rental. It´s mandatory the presence of the driver at the location to present the required documents. This service has an additional cost of 9€ per day (maximum 90€ per rental agreement (30 days).

My license was stolen. Can I optionally present a theft declaration to be able to pick up the vehicle?

To be able to pick up the vehicle a DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency form attesting application for a new driving title must be presented. This is the only alternative document we can accept as valid.

In addition to the base price of the car susbcription are there are any other additional costs?

There may be if you decide to purchase any additional product that wasn’t originally in your reservation (additional excess reduction products, baby/child seat, GPS, etc.)

Can I return the car later, after the end date of the contract?

In case you need to return your vehicle outside the contract period, please be aware that the additional rental days (including daily rate for any additional products acquired at the beginning of the rental) will be charged at the end and at the prices of our public rate.

Please consider that our contracts offer a 59 minutes grace period. After this period, additional value will be charged with 24h slots, according our National Public rate available, that usually is higher than the originally rate.

Can I chose a specific car brand or model in advance?

A. All our reservations are made for a car group which has several similar models.  Having so we will deliver the vehicle that is currently available on location at beginning of the contract. If you would like a specific model, we suggest that you inform your preference beforehand so that, in case of availability, we can have your request into consideration.

Is there mileage limitation in the subscription contracts? 

All daily subscriptions are limited to 2000 km per subscription.
The monthly subscriptions have a limit of 1500 km/month and is not cumulative. When this limit is exceeded, € 0.10 per additional km will be charged.

Can the minimum CDW value be reduced to 0 €?

Yes, if you subscribe to additional protection products, such as the premium pack, premium Gold pack (includes wheel and window protection) or Platinium pack (includes passenger protection). However, a credit card guarantee of between €600 and €1,000 must be left, depending on the vehicle selected. 

Packs cost between €20 and €41.50 per day, with a maximum of 15 days per pack (30 days).

Glass and wheel protection costs €8 per day, for a maximum of 15 days per subscription.

The limitations of liability do not apply in cases of violation of the rules of use of the vehicle, wilful or negligent conduct, non-compliance with the Highway Code or whenever the situations giving rise to liability occur when the Vehicle is not driven by the Customer or by an Authorised Driver.

What sort of payment methods are accepted by Xtracars?

Xtracars accepts as Payment: debit or credit card (valid for at least 1 month). Payments by cheque or cash are not accepted. A credit card is always required for fuel deposits or excesses.

Is it necessary to check the vehicle condition before leaving the rental office?

In order to guarantee that all vehicle relevant information is in your contract, we strongly suggest you check the vehicle along with our staff member.

 Can payment/deposit be made in an office different from the one of pick up?

All payments or deposits can only be made at the rental pick up and by the reservation holder.

What identification documents should I bring when picking up my Xtracars subscription?

At the beginning of the rental you must present one personal ID card (national citizen card or passport), a valid driver's license and a credit card issued in your personal name (with 1 month minimum expiration date).

If I forget any of the identification documents can I still rent the vehicle?

One identification document, driver's license and personal credit card are mandatory requirements for the use of our vehicles.

Please note that not using a reservation due to non-compliance with the mandatory documentation procedure, could be subjected to various policies of cancellation and may be charged additional costs. We suggest you check carefully all cancellation and refund policies that apply to your reservation.

Is it necessary to have a professional driving’s licence to drive your commercial vehicles?

In order to be allowed you to drive any of our vehicles, we only require a regular driving’s licence.