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The best Family Cars at Xtracars

Do you want to rent a family car? Explore the flexible mobility solutions that Xtracars has for you.

Has the family grown? Are you going on vacation and taking your parents and grandparents with you? Do you already have two little ones and another one on the way? There are countless situations in which life changes our plans and puts us before decisions and choices that determine the way we live.

Have you ever thought that you can solve many of them by renting a family car?

Why rent a family car instead of buying?

Xtracars respects your mobility needs and offers you a flexible, simple, and transparent rental. It may be just what you need at this stage of your life when choosing a car for its design or performance is no longer enough.

When choosing a family car, you should consider some aspects that will influence your family's quality of life, such as comfort, safety and space, which become more important than the car's technical aspects. And also, the question of the price!

There are economical family cars with lower consumption that might interest you. Xtracars offers you flexible monthly family car rental solutions that "check” all these criteria.

Versatility and space

When looking for cars for a family with 3 children, for example, the primary issue is space. Do you want all travelers to have maximum comfort, not feel cramped and travel relaxed and at ease? In our fleet, all the options you can find for family cars provide this space for your family's maximum comfort.

You should also consider the easy access to the seats and the versatility of the interior of the vehicles, as well as the luggage capacity for carts, toys, suitcases and all kinds of objects of your family that you need to carry.


When displacement and power, turbo, and aerodynamics are no longer your priority and safety is the greatest value you want to guarantee in a car, always try to identify the technology solutions that family cars favor today.

For example, driving assistants, adaptation to the terrain and weather conditions, technology for recognizing traffic signs or protection in the event of a collision, among others that make driving easier and safer for everyone. At Xtracars we have flexible solutions that mean freedom for your daily life and relieve you of the obligations and commitments of owning a car.

Solutions where you only pay for what you use and the more time you rent, the more you save. Now that you have all the information on how to choose the best family car, are you ready to try our flexible 1 to 12-month monthly rental?

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